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Monday, May 11, 2020

Deep Silver announces new IP "Chorus"

May 11, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

The publishing company Deep Silver  in cooperation with the group of developing Deep Silver FISHLABS  announced the new IP «Chorus»,  dark space-combat shooter  that will be released for the Xbox Series X  and the Xbox One,  the PlayStation 5  and the PlayStation 4,  the Google Stadia  and the PCs  through to  2021.                            
The  Chorus , which was revealed exclusively on  Inside Xbox  Friday, it supports  Smart Delivery  for consoles  Xbox , assuring that players will live the best experience in both the  Xbox One  and the  Xbox Series X  with one market.
In  Chorus , players take control of two protagonists: the former heretic  Nara , a great pilot with a haunted past, and  Forsaken , an intelligent fighter ship with a mysterious past waiting to unfold. The  single player  part of the game, which is based on the script, invites players to unlock overwhelming weapons and incredible skills as they fight to free the galaxy from the  Circle : an oppressive sect that stops nowhere to confirm absolute submission.
The  Tobias Severin , director of studio  Deep Silver FISHLABS , said: "We are very excited to announce this exciting new  IP From the beginning, we focused on offering great  gameplay at  all times to develop the spirit of classic  space flight shooters We take full advantage of the power of the ninth generation of  hardware , which allows us to create a richer, more detailed,  ray traced  environment, in 4 K resolution  at 60 fps ".

More about  Chorus

Take control of  Nara , who was once Circle's deadliest warrior   and has now become a fugitive hunter in an attempt to destroy the dark sect that created her. Unlock overwhelming weapons and incredible skills in a game-real evolution of  space - combat shooters Together with  Forsaken , her intelligent fighter, explore ancient temples, engage in exciting zero-gravity battles and travel beyond reality.
A journey of repentance  - Guide  Nara , a great pilot who faces her haunted past, along with  Forsaken , her intelligent boat. The will to repent will lead them to the edge of the galaxy beyond the limits of reality, as they will fight to unite the forces of resistance against the  Circle  and its leader, the  Great Prophet , at all costs.
Travel beyond the void  - Enter a dark, new universe, full of mystery and rich in conflict. Explore epic locations, such as vast space stations and strange situations beyond our own. Engage in exciting duels in zero gravity, in epic cosmic landscapes and narrow crystal corridors. The  Chorus  balance between large scale and in sight of space exploration, and in frantic, quick action.

A pilot, a boat, a living weapon  - Get powerful, separate weapons and combat upgrades. Learn the unique type of navigation mechanism of your boat, but also the deadly skills beyond imagination, including super-sensory perception, teleportation and telekinesis, to deal with huge hordes of opponents and to kill titanic boats . Create power chains to become the ultimate live weapon.

Basic features

An exciting experience in the  single player  track
  • Take on the role of two protagonists,  Nara  and her intelligent fighter,  Forsaken , on a personal journey of repentance.
  • Experience the speed, frenetic action that evolves the spirit of classic  space shooters
  • Fight to unite resistance units against the  Circle  and its formidable leader, the  Great Prophet
  • Deal with hordes of enemy fighters, titanic boats and unknown entities in the void
  • Recover, upgrade and use overwhelming weapons and skills in zero gravity battles
  • Explore a dark, new universe of science fiction, full of mysteries and conflicts
  • Enjoy wonderful science fiction graphics resolution 4 K , from landscapes to vast cosmic space stations
  • Fully developed to take advantage of   ninth generation hardware , with improvements that include:
    • Ray traced  reflections
    • 4 K  resolution at 60 fps
    • Developed depiction of the destruction of enemy ships
    • High quality measurements
    • More rich environmental effects

The  Chorus  will be released on  Xbox X Series , the  Xbox One , the  PlayStation  5, the  PlayStation  4, the  Google Stadia  and  PCs  in 2021.