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Friday, May 1, 2020

How to download bulk photos from Facebook and Instagram

May 01, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

Facebook and Instagram are currently the top social networks. In fact, they have gained an important place in our daily lives, with more and more users sharing their personal moments in them. There are also many who use their social profiles to store their photos more easily than they would in a Cloud service. However, what happens when the photos in an album are enough and you want to download them all?

Download mass photos from Facebook and Instagram

Today we will analyze the easiest way to download photos en masse from Facebook and Instagram. The method is very easy and will only take you a few seconds. Also, this technique is not limited to these two social networks, but can also be applied to Twitter, Pinterest, and Weibo.

The only downside is that the photos you download will have a relatively low resolution, as these social networks apply an automatic compression feature every time you upload a photo. However, the specific disadvantage is not due to the technique that we will analyze below but to the photos themselves.

Bulk Photo download from social networks

In order to download photos en masse from Facebook and Instagram, all you need is an add-on for the Chrome browser. This add-on is called DownAlbum and allows you to easily and quickly download a photo gallery to your computer. The storage will be done in two files. A folder that will contain all the photos as well as an HTML file that will include the entire photo gallery. A great way to organize your photos.

How to use the DownAlbum Chrome Extension

Using this add-on as mentioned above is very easy. All you have to do is visit the add-on page in the Chrome Web Store and install the add-on.

To go to the page click here

After the installation of the add-on is completed, a photo icon will appear next to the search bar. This icon will be filled with color as soon as photos are available for download. Now you can visit any Facebook or Instagram page, open the photo album you want and click on the icon. In the window that appears you must click "NORMAL".

Once the photos are loaded, a separate tab with all the photos will open. As you can see at the top, in order to save the photos you have to press Ctrl + S. That was all. Now you can open the folder you chose to download and you will see both the photo folder and the HTML file.

This is the easiest way to download photos en masse from Facebook and Instagram. If you know someone else, we will be happy to mention them in the comments below.