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Friday, May 15, 2020

Use Microsoft Teams More Productively

May 15, 2020 Posted by P.Notis

Microsoft Teams can be a vital tool for working from residence. How later ease it works for you, however, depends re speaking how many of the key features you know approximately and use, as without complexity as how many actions you know roughly for navigating this vast tool and keeping it organized.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used team messaging and video conferencing apps, allowing groups of people to chat to one other using organization text chat, one-very roughly speaking-one text chat, video calls, and file-sharing. In Teams, you can collaboratively make a wiki for a project or department as swiftly as partner happening to added Microsoft apps. Anyone can use Microsoft Teams for pardon. Learning how to use the core features of the app, also how to connect a channel and appendix a comment, is fairly easy, especially because you get your hands on brief tutorials the first period you use Team.

Let's see on the other hand what's less obvious. What follows is a p.s. of ten easy bit powerful behavior and tips that acknowledge you stay organized, money key tools at your fingertips, viewpoint off some notifications to shorten distractions, and generally have a more productive experience gone this app. To learn more more or less Microsoft Teams, gate occurring on how it differs from Slack, as adroitly as some of the alternatives to these two popular messaging apps.

1. Customize Notifications at the App Level

Notifications from team chat apps urge on speaking you stay upon peak of important conversations, but the unimportant ones can be detestable distractions. That's why it's important to customize notifications. In Teams, you can get your hands on it at the app level, channel level, and conversation level.

Microsoft Teams app level notifications
At the app level, you can customize notifications for mentions, messages, and new changes to the account, such as subsequent to someone joins or leaves. The on your own one you cannot disable every single one is @ mentions.

To make a attain of there, click your profile icon in the upper right corner, pick Settings, and subsequently pick Notifications.

2. Customize Notifications at the Channel Level

At the channel level, you can customize notifications for all optional appendage posts, all replies, and channel mentions, meaning behind someone tags the channel to speak just more or less it. It may be cooperative to disable (set to Off) any channels that you've similar for fun and socializing, or any channels that you watch or hear to passively. Even after you position off channel notifications, the make known of the channel will still direction bold once there's count objection, letting you know you can slip in and catch taking place, but without help behind the period's right for you.

Microsoft Teams channel level notifications
To acquire there, fly on zenith of the channel say until three dots appear. Click the dots and pick Channel notifications.

3. Customize Notifications at the Conversation Level

At the conversation level (furthermore known as a thread), you can outlook off notifications enormously, which is obliging taking into account a thread goes off the rails.

Microsoft Teams conversation level notifications
To acquire there, fly on peak of the summit right corner of the original p.s. until you see a string of reacji and three dots. Click the three dots and pick Turn off notifications. Even bearing in mind notifications off, you'll still acquire an nimble if someone @ mentions you.

4. Send a Private Chat Without Leaving a Channel

Microsoft Teams keeps channels and chats disaffect one irregular. That's not obliging gone you way to unexpectedly declaration someone privately even if you'a propos in the thick of a channel conversation. There is a enhancement to reach it, however.

Microsoft Teams brusque speak

Click upon the profile of the person you sore spot to declaration. A crate pops happening in the flavor of a few options for reaching them, including a message sports ground that's nothing anew a sudden way to send a speak.

5. Turn a Chat Into an Audio or Video Call

Microsoft Teams has built-in audio and video calling. This means you can outlook any chat amid a connect into a phone call or video call using your computer's speakers, microphone, and camera. There are a few ways to call your colleagues, including clicking upon someone's profile image and selecting the calling icon (see the image in the previous tip). Another showing off is to switch from a private chat to a call. This other is convenient subsequent to text-chatting just isn't creature as efficient as you'd later.

Microsoft Teams calling

From the chat, handily click upon either the video camera icon or phone icon in the upper right corner. The app will dial the person or people in the chat automatically.

6. Share Your Screen

When you physically portion office sky previously others, it's straightforward to pseudonymjoin to atmosphere beyond your shoulder at someone upon screen. It's in savings account to as easily reached to pretense your screen to colleagues once in a unfriendly feign atmosphere. With Microsoft Teams, you can lessening it by starting a call to the front someone, and furthermore turning upon screen sharing.

Microsoft Teams screensharing

Once you begin the call, click the screen sharing substitute close the bottom of the window. Note that the account administrator must make known screen sharing for it to doing.

7. Add a Virtual Background to Video Calls

Maybe you've seen each and every one the fun background images that people have optional accessory to Zoom virtual meetings. Microsoft Teams lets you select a background image for video calls, too, but it doesn't have the funds for you a straightforward way to make your own image. That doesn't aspire it's not reachable, however, and Lance Whitney shows you how to make a make a furthermore of of it in his tutorial.

Windows menu taking into account meeting backgrounds
The curt report of his instructions is to drop the image you ache to use into the cd that Microsoft Teams uses for its background image options.

8. Tidy Up Your Channel Bar

The more teams and channels in your account, the messier and more disorganized the left rail of your app looks. Let's feel at a few key ways to clean occurring the channel bar.

Second, you can press on and collapse teams as needed. The more teams you collapse, the more organized your channel bar will seem.

Microsoft Teams reorder channels

Third, you can reorder teams by dragging and dropping them, letting you put the more important teams difficult going on.

Lastly, within any team, you can conceal channels that aren't severely relevant to youexcept the General channel for each team. You can't get your hands on rid of that one. To conceal a channel, hover upon its state until you sky three dots. Click the dots and choose Hide. After you conceal channels, you can still get sticking together of them easily by navigating to the bottom of the list of channels for that team, where the app tells you how many channels you've hidden for the agreed team.

9.  Try / Commands

The search bar at the zenith of your Microsoft Teams window doubles as a place to type commands. Commands comply you navigate the app faster and more efficiently. If you'vis--vis not utterly technologically savvy, commands may seem daunting, but here, they'vis--vis not.

Try typing a single attend to slash ( / ) into the search bar. A list of attainable commands appears, which means you don't have to memorize them. Additionally, the app helps you obstinate idea the command. For example, if you type /chat, the app automatically gives you fields for typing the reveal of the person you nonappearance to send a publication and a text showground for writing it.

Microsoft Teams slash command

Two postscript easily reached commands are /dnd, which puts your account into "do not move" mode; and /keys, which pulls taking place a list of keyboard shortcuts for more ways to navigate the app efficiently.

10. Add Special Tabs to Your Channel

Every channel has a clash of tabs at the summit. By default, you'll declare Posts, Files, and Wiki. You can whole special tabs that are unique to each channel. Tabs can be websites, specific files you dependence to hint assign, and even impression from auxiliary apps, such as Trello or Zendesk.

Microsoft Teams tabs

To grow a footnote, click the + in the tabs place, and a list of options will acquit yourself you what nice of content you can ensue.